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ESSAR Water Stain
ESSAR Water based stain contains lightfast dyestuffs, for use on wood. Contains no binding material and may be used under most clear lacquers and polishes.

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Direction for Use
  1. The surface should be clean, dry , sanded smooth with fine sandpaper.
  2. Apply stain with Smith & Rodger staining cloths and wipe off surplus across the grain. One coat only.
  3. Allow to dry thoroughly. Drying time will depend on atmospheric conditions.
  4. Seal stain with varnish, polish or lacquer.

Some raising of the grain may occur due to the water content of the stain. Lightly sand the surface after the first coat of varnish or lacquer has dried. Avoid heavy sanding as this may cut through the finish and remove the stain.

It is not recommended to overcoat with Aquacoat as some bleeding may occur leading to an uneven finish. It is advised that Aquastain should be used beneath our Aquacoat range.

Colour Range 16 wood shades - click to view samples.
Pack Size 1 litre, 2½ litres, 5 litres & 25 litres
Health & Safety As the stain will colour many surfaces and materials as well as wood, care should be taken to prevent splashes as these will be difficult to remove from skin, fabrics, carpets etc. Wear gloves and goggles to protect skin and eyes.
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