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Konig UK Repair Products


Smith & Rodger are official distributors of the Konig range. We stock an extensive range of their products which complement our own range of materials.

1-day courses are held at Smith & Rodger in Glasgow to offer instruction on the most effective techniques for using Konig repair products.


Konig Repair Products


Konig Touch Up & Repair Products
64 Standard Shades
*can be matched to any shade
Ko140 Softwax*
Ko141 Hardwax*
Ko210 Felt Dye Pen* (Refillable)
Ko205 Graining Pens - for fine grain work
Ko220 Touch-up Dye*
Ko250 Touch-up Paint Box
Ko439 Gas Heating Iron
Ko613 Kit
Ko663 Repair Kit
Ko601 Professional Service Kit (pictured above)


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