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AC2 Acid Cat System

Clear High Solids Lacquer (BS 6250 Severe Use)

Information Panel
  • Conforms to FIRA 6250 severe use. Low odour formulation
  • High build finish reduces the number of coats required
  • Waxy feel formulation improves marr resistance
  • Good flow & film clarity. Easily re-coatable
Uses Interior joinery & furniture
Topcoat AC2 Clear 10% sheen (BS 6250)
AC2 Clear 25% sheen (BS 6250)
AC2 Clear 35% sheen (BS 6250)
AC2 Clear 50% sheen (BS 6250)
AC2 Clear 90% sheen (BS 6250)
Basecoat AC2 Sanding Sealer (BS 6250)
Thinners PCT Standard Thinners
PCT Fast Dry Thinners
PCT Anti-Bloom Retarding Thinners
Cleaning ISF Spray Gun Cleaner
Equipment Conventional airless / airmix or HVLP spray equipment
Direction for Use
  • Catalyst Mix Ratio: Mix 9 Parts AC2 Part A with 1 Part AC2 Catalyst
  • Apply a light coat of AC2 Primer, allow to dry, de-nib & apply another sealer coat as necessary
  • Then after a further de-nib apply a full even coat of the AC2 Top Coat. Once catalysed, thinners are not normally necessary, however ACT thinners may be used if required up to a maximum of 10% by volume
  • Allow to dry overnight prior to packing
  • AC2 should not be used over the pre-catalysed products
  • AC2 Lacquer may be used coat on coat
  • For colour shading AC2 may be tinted with ISF 300 Range Woodstain up to a maximum 5% by volume.
Note Please ensure that the total system film thickness (DFT) does not exceed 150 microns. Always lightly sand between coats to assist adhesion. Maximum 2 coats in any 8 hours.
Drying Times Touch Dry in 10-15 minutes, recoat time 60 minutes
Max Resistance 7 days
Coverage 5-9 square metres per litre
Mix Ratio 2 Part 9:1
Shelf Life 12 months
Pack Size 5 litres & 25 litres
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