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PC2 Precat System

Clear High Solids Lacquer

Information Panel
  • High Quality melamine resin based formulation
  • High solids reduces number of required coats
  • Quick drying with good flow & marr properties
  • PC2 sealer may be used under A/C systems
Uses Interior joinery & furniture
Topcoat PC2 Clear 10% Sheen
PC2 Clear 25% Sheen
PC2 Clear 35% Sheen
PC2 Clear 50% Sheen
PC2 Clear 90% Sheen
Basecoat PC2 Clear Sanding Sealer
Thinners PCT Standard Thinners
PCT Fast Dry Thinners
PCT Anti-Bloom Retarding Thinners
Cleaning ISF Spray Gun Cleaner
Equipment Conventional airless / airmix or HVLP spray equipment
Direction for Use
  • Thin with PCT Thinners as required up to a maximum of
    10% by volume
  • Apply a light coat of PC2 Sealer, allow to dry, de-nib
  • Apply a full even coat of the PC2 Top Coat and allow to dry
  • For colour shading PC2 may be tinted with ISF 300 Range Woodstain, up to a maximum 5%
    by volume
Note Please ensure that the total system film thickness (DFT) does not exceed 150 microns. Always lightly sand between coats to assist adhesion. PC2 lacquer may be used coat on coat.
Drying Times Touch Dry in 10-15 minutes, recoat time 60 minutes
Coverage 8-10 square metres per litre
Max Resistance 7 days
Shelf Life 12 months
Pack Size 5 litres & 25 litres
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