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Aquacoat SP Application Information

Part of Smith & Rodger's floor coating range, Transeal is an ethanol based prime coating designed as a barrier seal on all types of wood.

Information Panel
  • Low odour and low flammability
  • Rapid dry and overcoating
  • Good clarity and flow. Reduced film yellowing (compared to solvent based varnish)
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance. Available in Gloss, Satin & Matt
  • Especially useful for retaining the natural appearance of pale coloured woods
Uses Primarily used in the coating of wooden floors, the product is also suitable for most interior woodwork including furniture, doors, facings, skirting etc.
Direction for Use
  • Ensure room conditions are warm dry and well ventilated. Do not apply if the
    temperature is below 13 °C and/or the relative humidity is above 65%.
  • Ensure the wood is clean, dry, sanded smooth and dust free.
  • Apply using a brush, spray or the preferred lambswool applicator.
  • Apply at least 3 coats (more if heavier wear is anticipated). Allow the previous coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next. A light sanding between coats using 120 grit sandpaper will improve the appearance.
  • Wash all the equipment immediately after use with cold water. Ensure the spray vessels are suitably lined or have removable plastic inserts.
  • Please wear gloves when applying Aquacoat SP.
Drying Times Assuming good application and curing conditions:
Touch Dry and overcoatable - 2 hours. Full cure reached: 8-10 days.
Avoid heavy use for at least 72 hours after the final coat. Do not put rugs on the floor or subject the floor to any wet cleaning or wax polish maintenance for at least 8-10 days.
Note - Heavy coats should not be applied as this will adversely affect the drying and curing time, as will recoating too soon or covering the floor with polythene or other sheeting.
Coverage Depending on the porosity of the wood and film weight approximately 10-12 square metres per litre.
Staining Use AQUASTAIN, available in 16 standard shades - please contact us for the specific data sheet.
Wood Filling Lecol Filler 7500. A clear resin that should be intermixed with the sawdust generated when sanding the floor. Available in 1 litre and 5 litre tins.
Shelf Life Up to 12 months if stored tightly sealed in the original container in warm dry conditions. Store away from direct heat. Protect from frost.
Health & Safety Read the instruction label on the container and the Health and Safety information sheet.
Further Advice If using Aquacoat on a stained or previously coated surface a trial application should be made before coating the whole surface to check on suitability. The life of the coating will vary depending on the conditions of use. It is recommended that suitable barrier mats are used at entrances and that a regular maintenance schedule is carried out.
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