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Polyurethane Varnish Application Information

Polyurethane Varnish is a Urethane Alkyd Based varnish of the type sometimes referred to as 'single pack'.

Information Panel
  • Toughness and flexibility with good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent exterior durability and water resistance
Uses Polyurethane Varnish is primarily used in the coating of wooden floors but can also be used furniture, panelling and exterior woodwork (not satin finish). The varnish is very flexible and offers high levels of durability.
Finishes Available in Satin and Gloss.
Direction for Use
  • Suitable for brush application
  • Excessively thick coats should not be applied
  • On new wood first coat should be thinned with approximately 10% of White Spirit
Thinners White Spirit
Drying Times Touch Dry - 1 hour
Tack Free - 2 hours
Hard Dry - 4 hours
Recoat - 12 hours

On wooden floors the coating should be allowed several days to fully harden before being subjected to heavy wear.
Coverage Approximately 10-12 square metres per litre.
Sealing For best results the varnish should be used throughout, without the use of shellac or other sealers.
Staining Use Water Stain, Pre-Catalysed Base Stain, Dry Water Stain.
Grain Filling Transparent Thixotropic Wood Filler.
Stock Sizes Polyurethane Varnish is available in 1 litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre containers.
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